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Hey! I'm Patrick.

Born in the mountains of Utah. I love art, making music, star gazing, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with my wife, two kids, and our dog Moose.

As a kid I'd use the family VHS camcorder with my siblings to make home videos. It was a regular past time. My passion for story telling only got stronger as I grew up. I continued to produce videos with my friends. Eventually I started entering film festivals, and true story, won an iPod and a set of car tires.

Out of college I landed a marketing job at a start-up creating explainer videos, writing screenplays, and producing massively successful billboards. Here, I taught myself how to animate. I also produced several high budget commercials with a complete crew.

Video is insanely powerful. It can influence and motivate people to change their lives, feel, or (for marketing purposes) buy or subscribe to something.

Let's make video for you and/or your business. 

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